I know just how many of you reading this are frustrated with trying and failing to reach your fitness goals. I know there is a lot of complicated bullsh*t out there; people just trying to take your money, feed you complex information & get you following crazy diets.

You are probably sceptical to contact me. I get it. Online coaching is a pretty new concept & it can be a little daunting to invest your money into. You don’t know me, I don’t know you (yet!). I won’t be training you 1-1 so how would distance coaching even make a difference?

I’ve coached hundreds of women online to achieve their goals and change their lives! My passion is helping others to achieve something they never thought they could achieve. I came into this industry to show females just how easy it can be to reach a goal! I’m not going to make you spend hours on end in the gym or follow any ridiculous diets. I am going to be your coach: 7 days of the week, 365 days a year, no matter what! I promise you, that investing money into your health, fitness and wellbeing will be the best thing you ever do. Yes, I will make you stronger and fitter but I will also help you lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.

My client’s goals are so important, and I am here for them every step of the way. I work very closely with each and every one of my girls to set realistic goals, support them daily & allow them to see their own potential without restrictive diets and unenjoyable training.

A little bit about Georgie

Georgie Cooper – Online Fitness Coach

Just like most of us, I first joined a gym to loose weight. I would stick strictly to the cardio equipment and believed that hours on the treadmill along with 4 salads a day would bring me the results I wanted. A few months later, I started lifting a small set of dumbbells in the corner of the gym where no-one could see me. I was terrified of the ‘men’s section’ but finally braved it when I realised I could no longer lift the bar over my head to squat & I have never looked back since!

5 years later, I am lifting more than most of the men in there. Weight training changed my entire life. I suffered from depression and anxiety in my teens and the gym was an escape from my demons. I felt strong and empowered. It gave me so much confidence and purpose that I quit my 9-5 job and took the plunge to become a personal trainer in 2017.

My passion is helping other women change their life, just like I did. It’s that simple!

Georgie Cooper

What are the benefits of Online Coaching?


Choose to workout whenever, and however many times you like! No need to worry about re-arranging your schedule around someone else’s & rushing to and from booked appointments.


While having a coach online may require a little extra self-motivation in the gym, I am always just a click away! Daily messages, and the opportunity to ask questions whenever you like. No need to wait until you see your personal trainer each week. You can direct message me through instant messenger and can expect a reply the same day.


Having me as your online coach means that everything you do is tracked & recorded on your own personal app. From your first progress pictures & measurements, down to how much you've squatted. You’ll be able to track weight on every exercise, find out when you hit personal bests and record comments after every workout

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"Starting coaching with Georgie has been one of the best decisions I’ve made! She has been so supportive and motivating. My focus has changed from being skinny to being strong, healthy and happy! Georgie puts in so much time and effort so I always feel like she’s there to help and I couldn’t of done it without her to help me through all the challenges - emotionally and physically."
Bee W



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What's Included when you are Coached By Georgie?

Initial, in depth, written form followed up with a phone call (to talk through current training & diet, plans for your new programme and how the coaching will work).

With progress pictures, weight and measurements – to keep progressing and make any adjustments when needed. All check-in responses will be done by Georgie via voice note.

7 days a week via the messenger feature – All questions and queries answered quickly and efficiently.

Tailored completely to your goals and lifestyle. Exact exercises, reps and sets with a weight logging feature to track every exercise. Each exercise comes with a video demonstration.

A new cycle every 4 weeks which is written based on your feedback and thoughts from previous programme.

Via video on WhatsApp to ensure exercises/movements are performed correctly.

Changes made to plan when needed.
e.g. holidays or working away from home.

A tailored calorie/macronutrient goal based on your current goal which is adjusted when needed. Full on-going nutritional support with a guide on how to track calories, a library of meal ideas and tips on structuring meals throughout the day.

Regular updates, tips, tricks and support. Includes a weekly Facebook Live to answer your questions from the week.

Payments made every 4 weeks via the app but no pressure to continue – not tied down to anything!

£189.99 Per Month

Sign up today!