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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is Tecsense Limited based?

Tecsense is based in England. Our office is based in Hertfordshire. ‘171 Cleveland Way, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England, SG1 6BX

Approx 30 miles away from London City Centre.

How many people work for Tecsense?

We are a team of 6 talented individuals. We all work remotely. We believe in flexibility and a great work-life balance.

Does Tecsense offer protection over ideas?

Yes, Tecsense provides all of the clients and even potential clients who haven’t even started the journey with us yet an NDA. We believe in everything starts with a unique idea and vision. We want to keep this secret and just between the two parties.

Does Tecsense re-purpose code?

Re-using code is always a good value for the client and helps with a stricter deadline. Any code we may re-use will be made by us or our official partners. However, generally, we like to make everything from scratch where we can. We would never re-use code from our current client base.


How long does it take for Tecsense to develop a website?

The time it takes to develop a website depends on many factors. The biggest factor is how complex the project is. A 1-3 page static design will take far less time than an eCommerce website or a website that requires heavy animation and bespoke detailing. Generally, anywhere from 5-10 days for a static design and 20+ days for a heavy, highly detailed website such as eCommerce and SEO/Highly competitive platform.

How will Tecsense start to design a website or mobile app?

We use Adobe XD only if the client is unsure what design they are looking for. If the client is very precise with the design i.e supply design inspirations and more then we can use this and make a proof of concept from this.

Does Tecsense provide hosting?

We can provide hosting if required. Generally, it’s the best bang for the buck for the client as we have servers that would be more expensive for the general consumer and we can support your website with greater depths. We supply separate quotes for this with every web development project we undertake.

How many revisions can I make during development?

Not many companies will provide you with the ability to update and revision approved designs however Tecsense does. We only offer a couple of revisions throughout the process. But please make sure you are confident and happy when signing off the work that you would like to have carried out. Failing that could result in resources and money lost.

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