Tecsense Security & Management

We look after your digital-online space so you don’t have to.

Deployment of all environments up to the application level, outsourced system administration and 24/7 monitoring. Customised to the needs of every project.


Websites with high traffic will require high-performance computing power and top security.


eCommerce platforms that require always-on-availability and resized according to the traffic received.

Big Data Environments

Big data environments process large amounts of information and require a great amount of memory.

Website Management & Security

Deployment of the installation, virtual environment or just securing hardening and configuring your systems. We have talented team members that work for Tecsense that is an expert with every system type. We can supply daily, weekly or even monthly maintenance packages for your website infrastructure. All of our servers are owned by a highly reputable company called OVH.

24/7 Security Monitoring Service
Direct Access Tech-Support
24/7 System Monitoring Service
Web-Server Hosting

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of all administrative services that could occur via the platform that is being monitored. We will be able to spot any anomaly that could occur. We will supply all of our customer’s monthly reports on how their server is performing and what they can do to improve performance.

24/7 Security Monitoring Service
Free Monthly Reports
Free Performance Reports
24/7 System Monitoring Service
Direct Access Tech-Support
Error/Bug Finding

Systems Hardening

This service is for those who already have a well-established system in place and are looking for server hardening and more security in-depth security analysis. Our team may propose a technological redesign of the architecture when the system administrator team sees fit, in order to improve the platform’s security, functionality, performance and efficiency.

Application Hardening
Server Hardening
Network Hardening
Operating System Hardening
Database Hardening
Other Server Hardening

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